[Note: Chrome doesn't support WebGL please use a different browser if the game didn't run]

Your a robot, abandoned in a factory dark factory with evil shadows that wants you Destroyed. Make your way to the generator room to restore power to the factory and kill all the shadows.

Use the keyboard buttons WASD to move, Mouse to look. You cannot attack the shadows by any means because we didn't have time to program that, so you'll have to run to the end of the map without getting caught. Good luck!


Bun: Programmer. (https://bunnytree.itch.io/)
ReubenUnicruz: Programmer.
TrustyFox: 3D/Animation.
Yusufu: 3D/Animation. (https://www.artstation.com/yusufu)
TomC: SFX Designer. (Tomciccone.com)
Kai: Music Writer

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